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Cherry Bitters are a jumble of botanicals that attune your cocktails. And Bab Louie’s Bitters are purely non-alcoholic. Cocktails, as we know, largely possess sweet-sour flavors, and topping these drinks with a bitter makes them more flavorsome, more complete. In short, if you want to spice up your cocktails, a Bitter is the Holy Grail!

Enhance your cocktails with BAB LOUIE CHERRY BITTERS. Alcohol aficionados and creative bartenders will love this exotic bitter. Just a few dashes add a cherry taste with a pleasantly sour bitterness that brings out the best flavors in classic cocktails, soups, and sauces. This bitter creates a wonderful layer of flavor and brings balance to drinks and food recipes in just a few magical dashes.

Bab Louie bitters are hand-crafted bitters with the love of Bab & Louie for their homes. Each blend adds a classic edge to even the finest cocktails.

Bab Louie Bitters are India’s first non-alcoholic bitters, opening up a whole new world of possibilities when used in cocktails, teas, infused drinks, cooking, and baking. Each of our bitters is handcrafted in small batches to ensure freshness and fragrant flavors when used in infusions. These have a taste that’s lightly fruity and floral, with a tinge of bitters or acridness to round out and provide grounding or weighing of the cherry aroma for a sharp sensing nose.

Bab Louie Cherry bitters are produced from cherries with extra spices to give them a cherry-pie flavor. To boost up the cherry flavors, we like to use them in beverages with maraschino or kirsch. If you enjoy a nice Manhattan as much as we do, a dash or two of Cherry Bitters will add complexity and balance to your drink, with a unique cherry flavor and a lovely sweet-sour – bitterness. Try a Cuban Libre, a Manhattan Martini, an Old Fashioned, or a classic Maine cocktail.

Cherry bitters can be substituted for other bitters to give your cocktails a slight but welcome boost, offering a hint of fruit while still providing the bitterness your drink requires. The nicest part about making your own bitters is that you can tailor them to your specific cocktail needs. Cherry bitters are a great way to make your drinks more interesting. This unique substance and its unlimited potential will appeal to alcoholics and creative bartenders alike. Just a few dashes give classic drinks, soups, and sauce a cherry flavor with a pleasantly sour bitterness that brings out the greatest flavors. This distinct flavor is also useful in the creation of novel drinks.


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