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Why Bab Louie?

Non Carbonated

Organic and Natural extracts

Curated by Top Mixologists


Easy to make

Homies just can’t have enough of these!

Mate your Cocktail

Add 60ml Bourbon or Whisk’y

Add 15ml Bab Louie Old fashioned Premix 

Add 15ml Tonic Water

( If needed )

Garnish with Dehydrated Orange 

Let Loose the Mixologist in You!

Watch Now

Bab Louie’s mixes are tested, tried, and tasted by a host of experts before they finally make it to your home bar. In this video, watch VikramAditya Mishra talk about Bab Louie’s premixes, and give a deeper insight about the product, the ingredients that go in, and what all fun you can have with it. At the end, however, he, too, is left smacking his lips. Just can’t help!

Our Story

We Add a Soul to Your Spirit 

Mixology is our vein. We at Bab Louie’s are possessed with the idea of perfecting the art of cocktail. And, as you know, one thing leads to the other and woof! Here we are!

Bringing together the finest of ingredients, extracts, and essentials, along with a pinch of love and madness, Bab Louie has come up with a range of thoughtfully handcrafted non-alcoholic syrups that bring alive your drinks.

Our mantra is simple, break the limits and add ever more choices to your beverages. That’s why Bab Louie’s mixes both mingle perfectly with your favourite spirit, and can even be chugged straight up as a mocktail.


Pro-Bartender Like Cocktails

No Preservatives

Made With Real Fruits

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